Something to Think About...

So, school's out and this is the time of year where I know personally, my faith life starts to slip. I wanted to bring up the the passage under Mark 1:17. Jesus says, "Come after me, and I will make you Fishers of Men."

I was thinking about this during my youth group meeting last week. We were doing Lectio Devina and I started thinking about those words. I've had a lot of people tell me I've played a part in bringing them to church for one reason or another. So, I didn't feel like the fisher of men part was what I should have been hearing.

But don't think I'm being arrogant until you hear the next part. I thought and prayed some more and realized that though I had nrought people to church, I myself was currently not in a good state right now. My faith life was in a bad spot. It's not enough to bring people to Jesus. You yourself need to know him as well.

Think about this: Judas the Iscariot also heard the call to be a fisher of man. I'm 100% certain he converted some people. He was a desciple! Of course he led people to Christ. Yet, he was not himself converted to God which led to his downfall.

Don't be like Judas. Leading people to Jesus is awesome. It's all of our goals. But make sure you are converted, or that you are on the road to conversertion before you try and push anyone else in that direction. You must practice what you preach as they say.

Anyway, as far as my story goes, I'm doing better. I was kind of in a St. Augustine, "Lord, Convert me, but not yet." But I'm working on it day by day. It's the summer guys. Schools out. No more pressure (hopefully). Time to get away from all that bull pucky you surrounded yourself with and find something better.

Fight the good fight guys,

--Jeo Martinez