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This is the place for you to share your witness to God's love. Let the world know how Jesus has touched you. Share your stories and reflections and tell us how the Holy Spirit has made Himself manifest in your daily life. Post a prayer, give thanks to God.

Add your reflection or comments below so that we may all be enlightened and encouraged to walk our lives daily as true Catholic followers of Jesus.


  1. Anonymous4:43 AM

    I am burned with that fact that I have a child that really wants to go to catholic high, which is a wonderful thing. It is sad fact is I can not afford to send this child! How horrible do I feel, and try so desperate to NOT show my personal disapointment in "reality" of not enough income. Having faith in God is one thing, I do! We do as a family. I ALWAYS give GOD the credit when HE provides, But isn't this a tall order? How do I stick with God, when it breaks my heart the I can not provide? We ARE good catholics. We serve our parish, and try to tighe. We witness, but reality is -what happens if we are asked to leave the school for lack of funds?
    I pray that I/and Community can create an all loving and spiritual TEEN group to KEEP that love of GOD alive within our community. Please pray too that we create and contiune His Love!

  2. Anonymous6:32 PM

    Dear Parent of child who wants to go to Catholic School. My heart goes out to you and I will pray. But, please also consider taking some action. Have you considered talking to your Pastor about this issue? He may know of resources you are not aware. Also, talk to the the school and your diocese. In my diocese we have a program called Tomorrow's Hope. It provides funds to help families go to Catholic school. Any of these people or groups may have other resources. There are other Catholics who are willing to scholarship children as long as they keep their grade in a certain range. Above all, Trust Christ. He always finds a way if it is his will. God Bless.